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Air conditioning

It doesn't pay to cut corners when dealing with air conditioning  that's why we use 

Delphi Lockheed  products as our first choice when servicing your air-conditioning.

Recharging the refrigerant using specialist equipment.

Filter dryer unit 








Delphi Air Conditioning Centres are the leaders in the independent garage industry for vehicle Air Conditioning System servicing. All Air Con Centres have invested in specialised equipment and undergone an intensive training programme to fully understand vehicle Air Conditioning Systems and to become Specialists.


Delphi Diavia and Harrison have over thirty year’s experience in the field of Air Conditioning and are Specialist Manufacturer’s of mobile Air Conditioning Systems and parts. Diavia and Harrison are O.E. suppliers to a number of vehicle manufacturers including Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Air Conditioning systems need maintenance and only have a two-year or 24,000 mile maximum service interval on most vehicle models. Yet it is not part of most servicing schedules, hence the necessity of the professional service offered by Delphi’s Air Conditioning Centres.

Your Local Air Conditioning Centre can provide you with a effective check of your vehicles Air Conditioning System, which will demonstrate the systems current efficiency and can carry out a quality comprehensive Service which consists of: -

  • Checking:
  1. Cabin Temperature at Air Vents
  2. Quantity of Gas in the system
  3. Pressure in the System
  4. Drive Belt tension and condition
  5. Condition of hoses and fittings
  • Recharge of the Refrigerant

  • Microbiologically cleaning the system
  • Replacement of:
  1. Cabin / Pollen Filter
  2. Receiver Drier

Keep your vehicles Air Conditioning working in an optimum condition by visiting a  Air Conditioning Centre today and having the system checked and serviced. You can have confidence that you will receive a friendly, professional service from highly trained Air Conditioning Specialists.




What IS That Smell?

If, when you turn on your A/C, the odour from the vents is not as fresh as it should be or as one of our customers described it "an odour equivalent to a long neglected laundry hamper".

Why does this problem occur?
Moisture in the air condenses on the cold surfaces inside the A/C unit. Most of this moisture drains away harmlessly from the system. However some remains on surfaces after the A/C shuts down. This lingering moisture combines with pollutants and microscopic contaminants that are naturally present in the air. These contaminants cause the Dirty Sock Odour.

 Don't put up with it there is a product that will help cure this.s Wynns Aircomatic disinfects and eliminates microbes, fungi and  bacteria

Wynn's has developed a new cleaning concept which :

• Removes pollen and nicotine from the evaporator.

• Disinfects and eliminates microbes, fungi and bacteria.

• Removes cause of allergic reactions.

• Gets rid of unpleasant smells.

The result is a completely cleaned evaporator with clean and fresh air without bacteria, allergies and dust.


We strongly recommend that the car is treated every year.

Please contact our service department on 01932 340384.

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