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Peugeot BSi reboot procedure


Peugeot BSi reboot procedure

Some of you will have already come across a strange problem when programming
keys on 2002 onwards Bsi equipped Peugeot. This usually presents
itself as a complete instrument cluster failure after the keys have
been programmed when the customer comes to collect the car.
BSI Unit
The BSI unit is basically a computer which
handles a multitude of functions such as
odometer value, central locking, lights and
immobiliser. Some later Bsi units are liable
to corrupt their own software program if
not “woken up” in a specific way after
programming keys or battery disconnection.
The details of this are explored
thoroughly in a Peugeot TSB but I will
summarise for you briefly.
Procedure for Initialising the BSI after key learning
1. Disconnect the diagnostic tool.
2. Put the driver’s window down, lift the bonnet and ensure all
equipment is switched off.
3. Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the
4. Wait for 3 minutes, disconnect the vehicle battery and wait
15 seconds.
5. Reconnect the vehicle battery, wait a further 10 seconds (do
not open doors.)
6. Switch on the side lights through the driver's window.
7. Switch on the ignition and check system’s functionality.
8. Hold lock button on key down for 10 seconds.
9.remove key open & close door test c entral locking system
10. Start the engine and complete the system’s check.
Failure to follow this procedure could result in incorrect operation of many
BSI related items.
It did take three attempts following this procedure before it worked.



This is a shorter version of the TSB given to me regarding battery dis-connects on Peugeot Citroen BSi units:


Whenever a vehicle battery has to be dis-connected, switch off all equipment, interior lights etc, close the doors leaving the drivers window open.

Switch off the ignition and remove the key and any DIAG equipment.

Wait a full 3 minutes before disconnecting the battery.

The BSi must be allowed to go to SLEEP ie into "power save mode". Do not operate any equipment on the vehicle during this time. Remember, even opening the bonnet will wake the BSi on a vehicle fitted with alarm.

If the battery is under the bonnet, open the bonnet first and leave it up. 807 batteries can be dis-connected through the drivers window, remove floor cover first.

ALWAYS disconnect any DIAG equipment and do not operate any plips from other vehicles during the 3 minute waiting period.


Unless otherwise instructed by Peugeot or Product Service, you must always carry out the following procedure, often referred to as a "soft re-boot", to minimise the possibility of the BSi corrupting its own software when reconnecting the vehicles battery supply.
Ensure the procedure for battery disconnection has been adhered to and importantly all BSi functions were switched off with the drivers window left down.

1 Close all doors
2 Remove ignition key if left in ignition
3 Reconnect battery. DO NOT open any doors
4 Wait 10 seconds
5 Switch on healights through the drivers window (you will hear a "bong")
6 Switch on ignition then start the vehicle and check system functions

NOTE: Upon reconnection, if any vehicle function controlled by the BSi i.e . interior light is switched on,the internal operation of the BSi has the potential to spike or corrupt its configuration and software program......

(this was on paper, my fingers now hurt!!!)

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